I Get The Carpet Cleaned Around The Holidays Every Year

Sometimes it seems like the holidays are a skipping record and I hear the same part of the song each year. My relatives from the Midwest come out and spend the week and in general it is a pretty chaotic scene. If I were smart I would get my carpet cleaned after everybody was gone but because I want my house to look nice I typically call the carpet cleaning company to come out a few days before anyone gets here. I am trying to impress my family members with plush carpeting that feels as good as it looks. Plus, since a few of my family members are allergic to cats I want to remove as much for AndAnd are from the air as possible.

I also use the carpet cleaning company for their upholstery cleaning services because I know that more often than not my cats are sleeping and lounging on the chairs like they were humans. When my family comes in I tend to either isolate my cats in a room in the basement or I will have a neighbor watch them for a few days just so everybody is comfortable with the environment.

The carpet cleaners that I like to call is High Power Clean because they have gotten to know me and I really like their customer service. I am a big advocate of any company that treats their customers the right way and I have never seen this level of customer service before or since. When it was crunch time and just a few days away from guests arriving to the house, High Power Clean really saved the day for me. They had just been out and cleaned my entire house from top to bottom and it looked wonderful. The carpet was back to its pristine white color and all of my upholstery looked and smelled show room new. I was so proud of the way it looked that I must have snapped about 15 pictures on my phone. However, like most things that are too good to be true this did not last long. The carpet had only been cleaned for about a day when the neighbors dog got loose and ran into my house. Before I was able to wrangle him and get him back outside the dog had dragged mud all throughout the house. It was a complete disaster and worst of all there was only three days until the party was set to start. I called High Power Clean to see if I could reschedule and I explained my situation. They were very understanding and told me that they could actually send out carpet cleaners that day to fix the problem areas. I was shocked at how prompt and efficient they were at cleaning up the areas where the dog had walked. In a matter of hours my house looked amazing again and there was enough time for the carpets and upholstery to dry before guests got here. It could have been a nightmare but instead it ended with the perfect party and I got a lot of compliments on the carpeting. Their upholstery cleaning is the best I’ve ever seen.